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Change of "Status of Residence" (VISA change)

"Status of Residence" is a legal status for a foreign national who is legally staying in Japan. Immigration Act defines various "Status of Residence", and few status are defined by special laws.

The original status is usually decided at a port of entry to Japan. But, if, for instance because of Marriage, Job change, etc, a foreign national might fulfill the requirements of another status, he/she may be able to apply for change of "Status of Residence".

This procedure is often called "VISA change", etc. However, a foreign national stays in Japan based on "Status of Residence" and its "Period of Stay", therefore "change of "Status of Residence"" is more proper way to express the procedure.

Where can I apply for status change?

tokyo nyukan

Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau
(Tokyo Nyukan or Nyukoku-Kanri-Kyoku)
5-5-30 Konan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

If you live in Tokyo, you can apply for your status change at Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau.

Immigration Assistance

As a registered immigration/visa specialist or "Gyoseishoshi", we can offer various services related to immigration procedures.

Services we can offer are

Consultation - to find out Status of Residence/Procedures that may best suit you and/or your family member, etc.
Documentation - to prepare and/or advice the documents you need to submit to the Immigration Bureau
Representation/Agency - to submit the documents and communicate with the Immigration Bureau on your behalf

and so forth.

Please let us know your situation.
Inquiry Form - Change Status of Residence (VISA change).

Office Outline

Immigration assistance office

- Extension/Renewal
- Change Status
- Invite a Foreigner
 [Certificate of Eligibility]
- Short Stay Visit

Immigration VISA assistance in Tokyo

Do you have any problem with your visa or immigration procedures? "Gyoseishoshi" or Administrative Scrivener is a registered specialist in documentation and we specialize in the field of immigration process.
We have been officially notified to Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau to act as an agent (GYO-07 No.337) and are ready to assist you.
If you are seeking for any professional assistance, please contact us Inquiry.
8-7 Ishijima, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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