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Immigration Assistance

As a registered immigration/visa specialist or "Gyoseishoshi", we can offer various services related to immigration procedures.

Services we can offer are

Consultation - to find out Status of Residence/Procedures that may best suit you and/or your family member, etc.
Documentation - to prepare and/or advice the documents you need to submit to the Immigration Bureau
Representation/Agency - to submit the documents and communicate with the Immigration Bureau on your behalf

and so forth.

Please let us know your situation.
Invite Family
Invite Employee
Extension/Renewal (VISA extension)
Change Status of Residence (VISA change)
Permanent Residency

Office Outline

Immigration assistance office

Article on Metropolis
Working visa
Professor 「教授」
Artist 「芸術」
Religious Activities 「宗教」
Journalist 「報道」
Business Manager 「経営・管理」
Legal/Accounting Services 「法律・会計業務」
Medical Services 「医療」
Researcher 「研究」
Instructor 「教育」
Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/
International Services 「技術・人文知識・国際業務」

Intracompany Transferee 「企業内転勤」
Entertainer 「興行」
Skilled Labor 「技能」

General visa
Cultural Activities 「文化活動」
Student 「留学」
Pre-College Student 「就学」
Trainee 「研修」
Dependent 「家族滞在」

Specified visa
Spouse or Child of Japanese national 「日本人の配偶者等」
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident 「永住者の配偶者等」
Long Term Resident 「定住者」
Designated Activities 「特定活動」

Permanent Residency
Permanent Resident 「永住者」
Special Permanent Resident 「特別永住者」

Visiting visa
Temporary Visitor 「短期滞在」

Diplomatic visa
Diplomat 「外交」

Official visa
Official 「公用」

"Gyoseishoshi" or Administrative Scrivener is a registered specialist in documentation such as application forms to public authorities.
We are officially qualified to act as an immigration agent in Japan. GYO-07 No.337 (Tokyo Immigration Bureau) About us
8-7 Ishijima, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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